Big Ten Stinks

I don't understand your reasoning...

You say the big ten is not even close to the awesomeness of the sec however results of ball games does not represent this.

Last year in the bowl games big ten won the series 2-1... Seems even to me.

Also saying osu hasn't and won't play top 25 teams means nothing. I say this because the rankings are a joke themselves. I think the best thing for college football would be to require the major conferences to play each other during the OOC season.

Until then, you can't say who is better because everything is double standard and relies on what the "experts" say. Which everything is pretty much based on preseason speculation and rankings.

As for my personal opinion, teams i believe to be superior teams are Ohio state, Fl, LSU, Oregon, and a few others might be able to run with them, such as Oklahoma and cal. (Big East teams are getting better but not there yet).

But to say who is the best can't be done because they have not played similar teams (excluding fl & lsu). so its the same as comparing oranges to apples.

My final thought is that I think we need to start to applaud these "no name" teams for stepping up and creating upsets. I look forward to this bowl season to really see how everything lines up. Should be interesting...

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