SEC Only Complains When Bowl System Not Go Their Way

by Debbie
(Phoenix AZ)

It seems the SEC fans , teams, and coaches, whine and cry when the bowl system doesn't benefit them, but when it does...they just slink off with their trophy and shut up. Case in point....and this is from a person that doesn't make their living griping about everything that's wrong in the sports world, so I don't pay exclusive attention to the injustices served to the SEC.

#1. UF coach Urban Meyer, a classless bore with his victory speech after winning the SEC championship in 2006, but not yet sure he would be in the National championship game, demanded that "these college presidents sit down this week and get a play off system " blah blah blah...and when he found out his team got to go the to the BCS game, he was happy to not play in a series of games to get there after all. THEN when his team slaughtered Ohio STate, a well deserved win, he was happy to take his championship home, with his one loss team, while 0 loss, and stunning fiesta bowl champion, Boise State waited for his team to come on up to the blue field and settle who the real champion was.

#2. 10 years earlier:
1996 regular season. Before bowl games were played:
# 1 FSU with 0 loss
# 2 ASU with 0 loss
# 3 UF with 1 loss
# 4 OSU with 1 loss

By the time the bowl dust had settled, OSU had beaten ASU, and UF had beaten FSU. So now we have 4 teams with 1 loss.....WHY was UF PICKED as # 1 and OSU as # 2??? NO co champions, no OSU claiming they were National Champions, (like USC has done, eventually convincing the media after a year of repeating the mantra, that they were ntl champions too, in 2003 season?) Seems like the SEC got some favoritism that complaints from them, then about how unfair it is.

So the breaks swing both ways, of course the constant whining of the SEC that their conference is the best, like the whining of USC that they were also ntl champions, seems to have worked, the media is on your side it seems now.

IN addition, let me remind you that in 3 bowl games last season between the big ten and the SEC,

big ten = 2
sec = 1
SEC doesn't seem so dominant to me.

It seems to me when it was a pure human vote , on who was # 1, like some stupid homecoming queen election, the SEC had few complaints, with their flashy trick plays, and sunny venues to play in, during Nov, they are always media darlings. Bring in a computer to do some calculations, and they cannot rely totally on the good ole boy network.

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