Stongest College Football Conference!!!

by Harry
(Arkansas at heart)

Giant Arkansas Snakeskins

Giant Arkansas Snakeskins

Why all the chatter it doesn't matter!! Something was mentioned about the SEC having a weak non-conference schedule?? Every conference has week non-conference teams on their schedule, some have even weaker conference games!

The SEC has non-conference games versus teams like Georgia Tech, Florida St, Oklahoma St, Louisville, Clemson, California, Boston College, Wake Forest, Nebraska, Maryland, Virginia, Kansas St, Southern Florida, Virginia Tech, Missouri and West Virginia. Those add up to some pretty tough non-conference games...

I can't say we won all those games, but you can't say they weren't played. There is not any of the "power house" conferences that can say they don't pick up non-conference games from small conferences.

You can't take anything away from those "small" conferences though. Every man alive put their pants on the same way on game day -- one leg at a time! There are great athletes on every football field every saturday night across this country. Athletes like Terrell Owens coming from schools like the Chattanooga Mocs.

It was proven twice this year, once Michigan vs. Apalachian State and the other Alabama vs. Louisiana Monroe; football is football no matter what conference you just so happen to be geographically located in or how many students attend your college.

The SEC is stacked week in and week out with tough football and have proven time and again just how dominant they are.

Geaux Hawgs!

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