Buckeye Ball

by Brandon
(Atlanta GA USA)

It does not matter WHO you play, but HOW you get there. Last year, OSU beats #2 Texas, #5 Iowa, #17 Penn State, and #2 Michigan. But, nobody seems to remember those games because those teams happened to suck the rest of the season.

This year, OSU cannot help that everyone else around them sucks as well. They do not get to choose what conference they are in or who they play.

It is Jim Tressel's decision on the 1st 3 games of the year to play non-conference teams. Just because none of the SEC schools wanted to play OSU this year does not mean that we have to get dogged for not playing anybody.

Tressel won't turn down a match up and he certainly did not get any calls from an SEC school asking to play them for the next two years. Call it fear, but that is how it all went down.

I am not a BCS fan either. We need a playoff. This ensures the best team from season beginning to end. And, you can't say that any SEC team deserves to be #1. They are good one week and then suck the next week against another team.

LSU is the luckiest team that I have ever seen. Saban's recruits have done a great job playing the game, but they also have the most penalties of any other team. They cheat to get through their schedule and the CBS analysts want to see LSU go the the Nat. Champ. Game. But it wont happen.

Arkansas will upset LSU. If not, Georgia, Tenn or Fla will. Just wait and see. I think we are all about to hear a bunch of whining from the bayou.

Ohio State will win their 8th Championship this year and prove to the world that they deserve to be there for the 2nd year in a row without the same team!

See ya in January!

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