Michigan Man in Afghanistan

by TrueBlue Army Guy
(Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan)

A very well-written and entertaining article. I was absolutely blessed to be able to watch that great game last night between Florida and Michigan. Interestingly enough, both of those teams were referenced in this fine article.

Unless I missed something, that would be: one of the best two teams in the country" (Florida) and the "team that lost earlier in the year to the Appalachian State Mountaineers. You remember, the only Division 1-AA team to ever beat a ranked Division I team" (Michigan).

So I guess talk is cheap and your arm-chair analysis is dubious, at best.

The only thing worse than being the only ranked team in the history of the universe to lose to a Division 1-AA team is to be a team (and the arrogantly outspoken fans of that team) to lose to that same previously ranked team.

The team that came ready to play carried the day. Only a play-off system will put fix this broken system we are stuck with.

Editor's Note Thanks for your service and your comments. You are dead on that is indeed embarrassing to lose to Michigan.

(just kidding; the Wolverines are a great team. On any given day...that's what makes college football great).

All the Best! Keep Safe.


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