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University of Georgia Athens Trip

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I can remember the first time I rolled into town on a game day in Athens. One of my friends at the time was a student at The University of Georgia and had invited three of us to join him for the weekend. I was a die-hard University of Tennessee fan but for the day, I quickly became a bulldog.

I can't remember exactly how many miles outside of Athens we were when I first heard the sound of the bulldogs. The radio was blaring music when all of a sudden the D.J. cut in with a barking noise resembling a hound dog more than a bulldog but his best effort nonetheless. This was the first of many battle cries I would hear and I noticed the closer it came to game time, the more frequently I heard the barking sounds of the loyal bulldogs.

When we stopped for gas, one of my friends went into the store to pay the clerk and came out barking so I knew we were in trouble. My friend, forever worried about the right impression was letting out several barks per minute and found the whole experience exhilarating. I found it horrifying at first. Remember, I was a Vols fan. A die hard, orange-runs-in-my-veins fan. So you can imagine my dismay.

By the time we finally drove into Athens, we had barking out loud down to an art. My friends and I were the ultimate traitors for the day.

In fact, we all went as far as marching into Sanford Stadium and heading straight for souvenirs finding a stylish University of Georgia Bulldogs T-shirt to replace our much prettier but drab collared shirts. Yes, my friends, for that one glorious day, the three of us joined in with the town of Athens, Georgia by supporting the Georgia Bulldogs.

I don't recall who we, I mean they, played that day. I just remember barking an awful lot and having a great time being there. Athens is still one of the best places for a college student to find a party. It's a fun town but quite unusual. After all, where can you go and immediately be welcomed by not one or two but a sidewalk full of friendly bulldogs? No where else but Athens.

When my friends and I returned to Tennessee a few days later, we pulled into my driveway and I jumped out with my dashing Georgia Bulldogs sweatshirt. It was something else I'd added to my wardrobe before leaving the ballgame that particular Saturday. My father and brothers were sitting in the yard relaxing after a day of working cattle. All eyes were on me.

"Hiya," I said cheerfully. No one said a word. "I had a great time this weekend. Did you guys watch the game?" That was pushing it way too far.

My youngest brother stood immediately and rolled his eyes while my father quickly answered. "Yep, we sure did. We won." Of course, they did. I mean, of course we did. I was already lost in confusion. My heart was screaming BULLDOGS! BULLDOGS but my roots were in Tennessee. Go VOLS~ VOLS~VOLS. I tried to remind myself again and again but it didn't take long for my father to straighten me out.

"If you're going to live here," he'd said, "I suggest you get that Georgia shirt off your back and throw it in the trash." Remember, my entire family loved the Vols.

"Why?" I'd asked. "I can cheer for Georgia if I want." I was bold.

My father was disappointed. It was obvious. "Well, have it your way but I don't want to hear your whining when your brothers get it out of the laundry and set it to flames. You may be able to bark down there in Georgia but kid, up here in Tennessee, we bite those who give up old Smokey for the likes of a bulldog."

His words were heard but ignored. While I'll forever be an orange and white fan, down deep, I'll always love the Bulldogs. I'll never pass up an opportunity to return to the town where I can let me hair down and bark out loud like the Georgia Bulldogs!

For fans of the University of Georgia, Athens provides a very unique SEC experience. There are lots of great hotels located near the stadium and throughout Athens. For those traveling on a budget, The Best Western Colonial Inn is highly suggested. The Courtyard by Marriott is a little more expensive but with the Marriott, you can expect more luxurious accommodations.

The best place to stay in town is Foundry Park Inn and Spa. Gorgeous guestrooms are prepared for the guest who expects and wants the finer things in life. Stay in the Arts and Crafts Suite for the ultimate experience or go all-out and reserve the Presidential.

Also at the Foundry Park Inn, sports fans of the University of Georgia will find The Hoyt House. In many cases, it doesn't need an introduction. This southern fine dining restaurant is legendary and quite possibly the best fine dining restaurant experience in any of the towns where SEC schools are located. Highly recommended!

Last but not least, the town of Athens has been dubbed by several authorities in the music industry as the place for live music.

Finally, and trip to Athens would not be complete without checking out DTs Down Under -- the hot spot for Georgia fans so after you cheer for the bulldogs, rush on over to DTs for the ultimate nightlife experience in Athens, Georgia!

(Thanks to an anonymous SEC Sports Fan reader for submitting this article)

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University of Georgia Athens Trip
University of Georgia Athens Trip
University of Georgia Athens Trip

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