Pac-10 Disrespect

by Olbey

Good stuff. You're a little biased... but, you make some great points. Even in your comparisons the Pac10 typically ranked #2... so why is it they're so disrespected by the press and in the polls?

Really... Alabama's Mark Ingram deserved the Heisman over Stanford's Toby Gerhart? The Division 1 leader in rushing yards, TDs, and points scored - while playing on an 8-5 team. Receives the Doak Walker (best running back), Jim Brown (top running back), and Archie Griffin (MVP) awards, but loses the Heisman (best college football player) to another running back?

Any team that goes through a major conference (SEC, Pac10, Big 10/12) undefeated has accomplished something remarkable. Even only one conference loss is amazing. However, the Pac10 constantly gets "pounded" unfairly for losing one conference game. Doesn't conference parity count for anything outside the SEC.

How far would a stunningly amazing Oregon Duck team fall in the polls with a loss, but Alabama gets handled by So Carolina and they don't fall out of the Top 10? How many times have I heard, "a one-loss Alabama should deserve a BCS title shot before an undefeated BSU," this past week?

If Michigan State "wins out" in the Big10, you want to bet they finish behind a one-loss Alabama, Auburn, or LSU?

And, please explain to everyone how Oklahoma is ranked above Oregon in the BCS this week? Thought maybe because they have the 3rd best rushing and #1 scoring offense in the country while allowing a mere 15 points a game... oh wait, that's Oregon!

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Oct 23, 2010
Pac 10 ........PLEASE
by: M Slay

As a rule they have been over rated most ever year How long did we hear about the USC dyanisty that never won a true national titke managing to miss playing a undefeted Auburn team who was clearly a better team. They whined and cried about not getting to play LSU the year before who WON the BCS an then got beat by Texas on their home field. Oh yea, then we find out they were cheating all three of those years. And on top of that, Vince Young who beat those little trojens was clearly the best player in the country and the big cheater reggie bush got the Heisman. Sing your somg to the west coast people who will agree with you. Not the people in the real world!!!!!

Oct 24, 2010
I don't recall mentioning USC
by: Olyboy

Who's whining now? I asked several questions and you don't bother addressing any of them.

I'm pulling for a #1 Oregon vs. #2 Auburn in the BCS Championship game.

Oct 24, 2010
same old SECbs
by: troy

The first thing I would worry about is Oregon being ranked number one and playing a road game next week with whats happened the last 3 weeks. The thing is according to the SEC fans all other confrences are just inferior and should all stop playing football because you guys in the pac 10 suck as bad as us in the big ten. The BCS cant have a championship unless the SEC is represented. According to SEC fans a 5 loss Alabama team is better than a no loss Oregon or a no loss Michigan State. The thing is the SEC will never go play an away game outide of conference because they may just get beat. I posted the head to head match up of all bowl games betwen the sec and the big 10 since the formation of the bcs and found that the sec was so dominate that the big 10 only won 15 of those thirty bowl games. I'm sure if you researched the pac 10 head to head against the sec you'd probably find similar results.

Oct 26, 2010
The way I see it...
by: Anonymous

No problem on top. If Auburn “wins out,” taking Alabama and the SEC Championship, they would eventually bump an unbeaten Oregon from the top. I do have a problem with the numbskulls who discount Oregon’s “soft schedule so far” then cast a vote for Boise State... Where is the logic in that?

Oregon thumped a #9 Stanford, and tattooed a UCLA team who throttled a #4 Texas. The quality BSU win is a “preseason-ranked” #10 Virginia Tech - who goes 0-2 with a loss to James Madison? WOW!

If I ranked them this week (and each “win out”):

#1 Oregon - up from #2, meat of schedule remains (USC, UW, Cal, AZ, Oregon State)
#2 Auburn - “win out,” they're #1 over unbeaten Oregon, anyway
#3 Michigan State - no “up win” games remain, nowhere to go but down
#4 Mizzou - Nebraska, “run the table” and as Big 12 Champs they finish #3, “in-waiting”

# 5/6/7, TCU, Utah, BSU. Frogs and Utes meet in two weeks, one will fall hard. The unbeaten Broncos have NO ONE on their schedule, so several one-loss teams could possibly jump them by winning out (Bama, Nebraska, and Arizona?)

#8 Alabama - LSU, Miss St, “knock off” undefeated Auburn, as SEC Champs, they’re in

Of the remaining one-loss teams, and “win out”;
LSU - Alabama & Arkansas gets a BCS Bowl, but an unbeaten Auburn ends their dream
Oklahoma - win the Big 12 South, get a rematch with Mizzou, or gives one to Nebraska
Nebraska - Mizzou, and a Big 12 Championship, gives them a BCS Bowl, and hope

Nebraska has the best shot, but none gets to the “Dance” without considerable carnage

Wisconsin, Ohio State, FSU, OK St - have no remaining “up wins” on schedule

Stanford - Arizona only quality game left, but before they get the Ducks. BCS Bowl?
Arizona - great “up win” potential, Stanford, USC, and an unbeaten Oregon = BCS Bowl

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