East Coast Time Zone Benefits SEC

by Steve
(Olympia, WA)

Pac 10 vs. SEC over the past decade (The decade the SEC is so proud of)......Pac10 13-10 record over SEC. Pac 10 was 5-9 against ranked SEC teams during that time, while SEC was only 2-9 against ranked Pac 10 schools.

The fact that more than one-third of the ranked SEC teams lost to the Pac 10 while 36% of the time only 18% of ranked Pac-10 teams lost to the SEC. Does this mean that 36% of the ranked SEC teams were over-rated? Well maybe it is a reflection on the under-valuation of the Pac-10 that does not have the benefit of an east-coast time zone so their teams tend to be under-rated.

However, it certainly shows that the PAC-10 at least competes with the SEC if not being slightly better.

Also, your article states....

And, yes, I acknowledge that California and UCLA both beat Tennessee in the past 2 years. But, Tennessee is far from the class of the SEC and Tennessee was on the road for both games.

What your article fails to mention is that Tennessee was also ranked 15th in one year and 18th the next when they played California and UCLA (UCLA was not ranked).

As far as playing on the road.....the home and away count is basically even between the schools over the past decade (including a UCLA win in Tennessee in 2009)

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