SEC is so overrated

by Pac Ten
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Come on SEC fans,

Your conference is ridiculously overrated.

The Pac-10 taken the SEC down the past decade head to head.... what other stat do you need? I'm not saying the pac-10 is the best conference, but the SEC is so over hyped its pathetic.

Once we, not if, move to a playoff, the SEC' will be exploited. Its almost sad to see how far this blog goes for the SEC. You are so overrated, can you schedule more cupcake non-conference opponents?

How many SEC teams play schools outside of D-1 every year..... heck some of you play two (and you call yourself the class of football, its so sad.)

The SEC benefits from the annual 'cupcake game' in the BCS system, conferences like the pac-10 have to play every other team and cannot play Florida A&M or Tenn-Martin in the extra fill in game.

Nice game for Ole Miss against....Jacksonville State....yikes.

Nice game by Tennessee tonight against Oregon...... wow.

By the way, Tennessee lost to UCLA not only on the road (as you claimed), but also at home..... nice

Bring it on SEC, its kinda funny the Vols' fans tonight thought they had a chance... losing by 35 at home...but the SEC is so good right?

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