SEC is overhyped. West Coast Football is Under-rated. Look at the Pros.

by Dwight

UCLA thrashed by rest of Pac10 but look like rock wall vs Tennessee

UCLA thrashed by rest of Pac10 but look like rock wall vs Tennessee

In college, all we ever heard about was Darren McFadden this, Darren McFadden that. Ronnie Brown & Cadillac this and that. UCLA's Maurice Jones-Drew got no respect from SEC fans but now he's proving SEC fans wrong in the NFL.

Same goes for JaMarcus Russell getting all that hype over underrated guys like USC backup Matt Cassell.

The truth is every time the SEC and Pac10 play ON THE FIELD, the result is the Pac10 team proves to be better than they were given credit and the SEC team ends up not as good as advertised. Yes, LSU squeaked by Pac10 cellar-dwellars Washington and ASU in recent years. Counts as a W for the SEC, but showed that an upper level SEC team struggles to beat a lower level Pac10 team.

Add to that UCLA last year got thrashed by the rest of the Pac10 yet they looked like a rock solid wall when going up against Tennessee on Tennessee's home field.

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