Pac 10 Football -- NOT Impressive, Sorry

by Jeff west
(san jose ca)

Is this even an argument? Everyone knows that the SEC is better than the Pac-10 hands down. The only team that is considered a powerhouse is USC. Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Auburn have all won championships this decade. I would like to see Oregon, Oregon State and Cal do that... it wont happen.

I think the big 12 is a tougher conference hands down than the Pac 10. You could make an argument about the Big Ten, ACC, and Big East being a better conference than the Pac 10 also.

Look at the pac 10's bowl record and the teams they played. Lets be for real. Temple, Boston College, Ohio State, Utah, nebraska, oklahoma and BYU. and they still had a losing record going 2-4. on the other hand the SEC played Texas #2, Cincy #3, Texas a&m, VT top 10, northwester, penn state top10, uconn, oklahoma state, east carolina. we went 6-4.

The only people who think that the pac 10 is better than the sec live on the west coast and are dillusional. Your just mad that you guys dont get any tv time. Nobody wants to watch Oregon vs. Cal. But Alabama vs. Lsu is good ratings.

You all are salty lol! Stick to surfing lol!

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