How many All-Americans in Football have the Auburn Tigers had?


How many All-Americans in Football have the Auburn Tigers had? I know Auburn has 66 Consensus All-Americans....



32— Jimmy Hitchcock, B
57— * Jimmy Phillips, E
58— Zeke Smith, G
60— Ken Rice, T
64— Tucker Frederickson, B
69— Buddy McClinton, DB
70— L arry Willingham, DB
71— * Pat Sullivan, QB
* Terry Beasley, E
74— Ken Bernich, LB
83— Bo Jackson, RB
84— Gregg Carr, LB
85— * Bo Jackson, RB
86— * Ben Tamburello, C
* Brent Fullwood, RB
87— Tracy Rocker, DL
Aundray Bruce, LB
88— * Tracy Rocker, DL
90— * E d King, OL
D avid Rocker, DL
93— Wayne Gandy, OL
Terry Daniel, P
94— Brian Robinson, DB
2001— Damon Duval, PK
04— Carlos Rogers, DB
05— M arcus McNeill, OL
10— L ee Ziemba, OL
Cam Newton, QB
Nick Fairley, DL
Beginning in 1924, unanimous selections are indicated by (*).

Source: NCAA Football Records Book

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