Most College Football National Championship's by Decade

by Tex/1st-N-Goal

1936-39: SWC: TCU, 1938 and Texas A&M, 1939
Independents: Pittsburgh, 1937

1940-49: Big 10: Minnesota, 1940-41; Ohio State, 1942; Michigan, 1948
Independents: Notre Dame, 1943-46-47-49; Army, 1944-45

1950-59: SEC: Tennessee, 1951; Auburn, 1957 and LSU, 1958
Big 7/8: Oklahoma, 1950-55-56
Independents: Michigan State, 1952 and Syracuse, 1959
Big 10: Ohio State, 1954-57; Iowa, 1958
ACC: Maryland, 1953
Pac 8: UCLA, 1954

1960-69: SWC: Texas 1963-69; Arkansas, 1964
SEC: Ole Miss, 1960; Alabama, 1961-64-65
Pac 8: USC, 1962-67
Big 10: Minnesota, 1960; Ohio State, 1961-68
Independents: Notre Dame, 1964-66

1970-79: Big 8: Nebraska, 1970-71; Oklahoma, 1974-75
Independents: Notre Dame, 1973-77; Pittsburgh, 1976
SWC: Texas, 1970
Big 10: Ohio State, 1970
Pac 8: USC. 1972-74
SEC: Alabama, 1978-79

1980-89: Independents: Penn State, 1982-86; Miami FL, 1983-87-89;
Notre Dame, 1988.
SEC: Georgia, 1980
ACC: Clemson, 1981
WAC: BYU, 1984
Big 8: OKlahoma, 1985

1990-99: SEC: Alabama, 1992; Florida, 1996 and Tennessee, 1998
ACC: Georgia Tech, 1990; Florida State, 1993-99
Big 8/12: Colorado, 1990; Nebraska 1994-95-97
Pac 10: Washington, 1991
Big East: Miami FL, 1991

2000-05: Big 12: Oklahoma, 2000 and Texas 2005
Pac 10: USC, 2003-04
Big East: Miami FL, 2001
Big 10: Ohio State, 2002
SEC: LSU, 2003 and 2007; Florida, 2006

*The above using Conference affiliations at the time
and NCAA Consensus: AP, UPI, USA Today, FWAA, NFFHF and BCS.

Here's supporting PDF's:

National Championships by Team Totals and Decade; Official All-Time National Championships List; Actual All-Time National Championships List.

For more info see Most College Football National Championships Within a Decade.

Here's a link to Tex Noel's book Stars of an Earlier Autumn.

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Apr 22, 2008
lsu in '03
by: Anonymous

what about listing LSU as '03 BCS champion?

Sep 05, 2008
How about the tigers in 03 and 07?
by: Anonymous

You mention BCS era and leave out the national champions from 2003 and instead include USC for 2003? The article lost all credibility there.

Sep 09, 2008
by: Tex Noel


It was an inadvert mistake when I left LSU's 2003 and 2007 National Championships off my Decade of Championship compilation.

This was in no way an attempt to shide the accomplishments and the honor these teams not only received--but also deserved.

I appologize to the LSU Fans who are regular visitors to this site and to my SEC Stats paage! I am human and admit where I goofed and now we have resolved this problem....SO, let's hear it from the SEC Fans on which is conference is the best in college football!

All forgiven? Hope so, Keep coming back and see what Mo has done with his SEC football page and what stats I will present in presenting further proof of the outstanding teams, coaches and players in this powerhouse conference.

Tex Noel,
SEC StatHistorian

Oct 02, 2009
Where is Michigan 1997?
by: Anonymous

Where is Michigan in 1997?

Both Nebraska and Michigan should be listed in 1997 according to the PDF's that you link as sources for the article at the bottom of the page.

Other than the mistakes about LSU and Michigan, and any others not yet found, pretty good stuff.

Oct 02, 2009
1997 Michigan has been added
by: Tex Noel (1st-N-Goal)

Please excuse the over site in leaving 1997 Michigan off the Decade of Champions.

Jun 24, 2010
This is really inaccurate
by: Mr Football

You cannot list Alabama as a national champion in 1973. That is absurd. #1 undefeated Alabama LOST to #2 undefeated Notre Dame in the 1973 Sugar Bowl, back when it WAS truly the national championship game on the field. Alabama had been voted #1 by the Coach's poll (UPI) who took their final vote BEFORE the bowl games in 1973. The AP waited of course until AFTER the bowl games to vote, which makes sense especially when #1 is playing #2. Notre Dame won 24-23 to win the national championship. It couldn't be more clear cut. Notre Dame finished 11-0, Alabama finished 10-1. Its not a split title, its not a national championship for Alabama. Are you seriously going to claim a national championship when you LOST the national championship game? Surely you aren't that lame are you Alabama?

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