Neyland Should Not Be Ranked Number One

by Billy
(Baton Rouge, La. )

I like the way you have presented and ranked the stadiums of the SEC. I see why and what you did and I think you have done a very good job.

However, I find it hard to agree that Neyland Stadium should be ranked # 1 other than the fact it has the largest capacity. The Vols do have great tradition, but I went to the 2001 SEC Championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta between LSU and Tennessee. The crowd was about 90% UT Fans and was all Orange, but the LSU fans made more noise by far. I was not impressed with the UT fan's fierce passion.

In fairness, I must say that I have not actually been to Neyland Stadium so I am not an actual witness. As an LSU fan, I don't see how it can get any more intense or more passionate. LSU Tiger Fans do love the Tigers and they try to make it very hard on the opponent coming into that atmosphere to beat the Tigers.


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Oct 26, 2008
by: justin

i'd have to say vaught-hemingway stadium is one of the best stadiums in the sec.

Jul 24, 2012
by: Phil

This is ranking stadiums not fans.

Aug 12, 2012
This List...
by: Anonymous

As a professional SEC football fan, I've followed my team across the region. If you are going to rank stadium's acccording to fan participation you should consider that every stadium has chants during the game and every stadium has its fan traditions. Neyland is a clusterfu*k. Its multiple renovations and incredibly narrow seats (especially for those fat UT fans) rank it near the bottom in terms of fan experience...also the paint job on the endzones has absolutely nothing to do with the stadium. B-D is a great stadium, but it has nothing really special to it other than its storied history of Alabama football (and it is a rather impressive history). The Swamp is what is, but there is nothing spectacular about it. Its loud but thats because Florida fans are obnoxious...just like Tennessee fans. Overall, I'd say your rankings are entirely subjective and not based on any real quantifiable system of grading. For what its worth I like Sanford, the hedge is unique and something special...and I am not a Dawn Fan...I support my Rebels fully.

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