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Alabama vs Texas 2010 BCS Championship Game Preview

2010 BCS Championship Game

Alabama vs Texas Prediction: Bama 27 - 10 over the Longhorns


UPDATE: Well, it didn't happen as expected. Who could have anticipated Texas QB Colt McCoy would be knocked out of the game in his first series? But, the 37-21 win by Alabama was pretty close to our prediction. Read our review and analysis of the 2010 BCS Championship Game.


Alabama (13-0; SEC Champion) vs Texas (13-0; Big 12 Champ) is finally here!! The 2010 BCS National Championship game features the two squads that fell just short of the opportunity to play in the 2008 version. Last year, Alabama went into the SEC Championship Game unbeaten and ranked number one and exited it with a ticket to a 30-17 Sugar Bowl loss to Utah. This year, the Crimson Tide entered the SEC Championship game undefeated but number two and exited it the undisputed (sorry TCU fans) national number one. There is very little BCS controversy this year.

Last year, Texas was barely edged in the complex computer rankings by an Oklahoma squad that ran up the score in the second half of the season and complained about it all the way through a nail-biter victory over Ohio State.

So....what will happen this year?

On paper, this is a total mismatch. While both schools are undefeated, the Crimson Tide were more impressive in schooling powerhouses Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, and LSU in the regular season before smacking previously undefeated Florida 32-13 in the Conference Title Game by running Mark Ingram down the Gator's throat and chasing Tim Tebow all night.

Say what you will about the SEC's preference for in-conference play over challenging out of conference powerhouses (Alabama did beat VT though), the Tide's schedule was much tougher than Texas' cupcake schedule that featured “impressive victories” over a Bradford-less and Gresham-less Oklahoma cupcake, a mediocre Oklahoma State team, and a 13-12 victory over an 8-4 Nebraska team that can't spell “offense.” Those wins don't impress me and they shouldn't impress you either.

Whether or not Alabama can live up to all the hype, the Longhorns haven't faced anything like the Tide this season.

So its a total mismatch on paper....wait were you waiting for “its going to be a real close on though”? Sorry, it's actually goint to be a sleeper on the field too....a lot like LSU-OSU a couple of years back.

Judging by the Longhorn's offensive struggles against Nebraska's defense, also named Ndamukong Suh, which saw them give up 4.5 sacks to the DT alone, they will be flattened by Alabama's stellar defensive unit that held Florida to 13 points last week.

On the other side, Texas' defense, while not awful like Oklahoma's unit last year, is hardly as capable as Florida's (even without Dunlap) and the Tide should run Ingram down their throats and then thrive off the run-fake pass to a runaway victory.

Honestly, it's just too bad the BCS (whose greed is well known) decided not to arrange a meeting between Bama and TCU's incredible defense. That being the case, the only thing that could derail Alabama in the 2010 BCS Championship Game is its own hype.

Thanks to Paul Grossinger for the above Alabama vs Texas Preview.

A few other interesting notes about the game:

First, the game will be played January 7, 2010 in Pasadena California, in the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl was the site of the Crimson Tide's first national championship on Jan 1, 1926. People often refer to that as "the game that changed the south." Here's a picture from that game:

Johnny Mack scoring touchdown in 1926 Rose Bowl.
Alabama's Johnny Mack running for his second touchdown in Alabama's huge 20-19 upset win over the Washington Huskies in the 1926 Rose Bowl.

You can see other historic Bama pictures and read abou the Best All-Time NCAA College Football Program.

Second, the game will also mark a match-up between two of the three top heisman candidates this year: RB Mark Ingram of Alabama who won the 2009 Heisman Trophy as the best player in college football and QB Colt McCoy of Texas who came in 3rd (and came in 2d in 2008).

Third, the SEC and Big 12 are tied, each with 16 National Championships all-time. This years BCS Championship Game will break the tie and vault one conference or the other to the top.

Finally, if you are wondering about the all-time Texas vs Alabama, head-to-head record -- it's not good for Bama fans. 0-7-1, ouch! But 2010 could be the biggest Alabama - Texas matchup ever. Check it out: Texas vs Alabama All-Time Record. And, we have a wealth of comparison information about the two teams at Alabama vs Texas Statistics.

It will be an interesting (and historic) game for sure. Get your 2010 BCS National Championship Tickets and Alabama Fan Merchandise and Apparel -- Now!

By the way, the game is also huge for Florida and the SEC as far as final rankings go. The SEC could end up with the #1 and #2 ranked teams. Not sure if that has ever happened before. See Florida Should Be Ranked # 2.

You can read other SEC Bowl Previews, check out 2009 - 2010 SEC Bowl Predictions.

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