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Top SEC Basketball Fan Attendance School

SECsportsfan.com is surely the place to come to find out which is the top SEC basketball fan attendance school. The site URL says it all. Obviously, first and foremost, this site is for and about the greatest sports fans in the world -- SEC sports fans.

It is the fans that are the heart and soul of any sports program. If no one came to, or cared to watch the games -- well, they might as well just play on the playground. So, we the fans, are really what it's all about. We pay the bucks that make it all possible. You may wonder which is the top SEC basketball fan attendance school. This page will tell you which SEC school gets the most fans to its home games. Then, we'll compare Southeastern Conference basketball fan attendance with that of other conferences. So, which is the top SEC basketball fan attendance school?

pat summit Alabama Basketball kentucky women's basketball

University of Tennessee Basketball Fans

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According to secsports.com, as of January 2007, the Kentucky Wildcats led the SEC in attendance at its men's basketball games. Not really a surprise given Kentucky's basketball history. So, here's the list.

1. Kentucky Wildcats - 23,125 - #1 in the nation!!
2. Tennessee Volunteers - 19,268 - # 5 in the nation in 2006
3. Arkansas Razorbacks - 16,150 -- #12 in the nation
4. South Carolina Gamecocks - 12,870
5. Florida Gators - 11,614
6. Alabama Crimson Tide - 11,348
7. Vanderbilt Commodores - 11,223 -- was #24 in the nation in 2006
8. LSU Tigers - 9,706
9. Mississippi State Bulldogs - 9,032
10. Georgia Bulldogs - 6,778
11. Auburn Tigers - 4,680
12. Ole Miss Rebels - 4,125

Ten of the twelve SEC basketball teams have seen attendance increase since last season. Only Georgia and Vandy have seen slight decreases (so far this season). This is consistent with the rather dramatic improvement we've seen in recent years in SEC basketball. For more about that, check out SEC Basketball.

How does the SEC compare to the other conferences in basketball fan attendance?
SEC v. Big Ten; SEC v. ACC; SEC v. Big East;
SEC v. PAC 10; SEC v. Big-12

I don't have total numbers for every team. But, NCAA.org has provided a list of the top 25 schools in fan attendance. The SEC's own Kentucky Wildcats were #1 with 341,445 fans attending their games in 2006. That's an average of 22,763 fans per game.

The following is a list of the number of teams in the top 25 in fan attendance by conference.

1. Big Ten - 6
2. SEC - 4
2. ACC - 4
2. Big East - 4
5. Big-12 - 2
6. PAC 10 - 1

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