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Favorite SEC School Survey

Hi. This survey has taken numerous twists and turns since we first started it.

We first simply had people vote and we would collect the e-mails, add up the votes and manually update the vote totals page.

Obviously, that didn't work well as sometimes days, or even weeks, would go by before we got around to updating the vote totals.

So, we started a new survey, with a new system, that did the updating automatically. That was great as you could see the updated vote totals immediately after you voted.

One potential problem was that you could vote multiple times for your team. That called into question the statistical validity of the survey.

But, I argued, it appropriately accounted for the intensity level of the fans of particular teams. In other words, if you were willing to take the time to vote 2 or 3 times, that would reflect your higher commitment to your team compared to someone who only voted once.

[Of course it could also reflect that you had more time on your hands than someone else, but, anyway, it wasn't a big deal and had some validity in some cases.]

That worked fine until a certain fan of a certain SEC team (both fan and team will remain unnamed) decided he would show his support by voting for his team 103 times!!

This was a problem because, obviously, over 100 votes, by one fan really threw the results off. So, the results of that survey were deleted.

Now, we've started yet another NEW survey. This time, you have to sign up for the SEC Sports Fan Newsletter before you can vote; so you can only vote once. This will make the survey a truly accurate reflection of which schools are the most popular among SEC Sports Fan readers.

If you have voted before, don't worry. Sign up for the newsletter and vote again. This is a new poll.

Along with the newsletter, you will also receive a free copy of the 2007 SEC Sports Fan Brag Book and be entered in the drawing for a free football helmet.

Thanks for showing your support for the SEC and especially for your favorite school.

Please Click Here to sign up for the Newsletter and Vote for your favorite team.

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