30 Points is the Key

by Adam
(Tuscaloosa, AL)

Alabama has shown, for most of the year anyway, that they can score some points. Their main flaw in '08 was the inconsistency of the QB and the inability to score. McElroy has been consistent, if not spectacular. However, when you have one of the strongest D's in the country, consistent should be all that is needed to win.

Before the Florida game I thought it would take 30 points to win. Obviously UA didn't need that much. I feel much the same away about Texas. They have a spectacular offense, and a spectacular quarterback (who I thought deserved the Heisman). However, I don't see any offense scoring over 30 on Alabama's defense.

Nick Saban has shown he can maintain a high-level of focus and execution from his players all season long. UA bogged down midseason (UT, Miss St., etc), but they had the spectacular 4th quarter comeback against Auburn and the total domination against Florida.

Texas truly struggled in their final game. If they can come out and play like they did in the 2nd half of the season, though, they can win this game. It only takes a couple of defensive errors for Texas to roll to 30-40 points.

30 is the magic number for this game. If UA can hold Texas to that, then UA wins. If Texas can get to 30, then they win.

As a fan of the game, I hope Alabama plays like they did against Florida and Texas plays like they did for their final 3 games of the season. That would be a game worth watching indeed!!

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