Don't Mess With Texas

by J W Majors

We are going to beat your Bama Boys. We are going to spank them, pin their ears back, and send them back to Auburn for laughs. Texas is going to win this one for God, Texas, Chuck Norris, and Mom's apple pie.

If you plan on winning a National Championship, then don't play Texas. Don't mess with Texas, but if you do take off your shoes. Your standing on holy ground.

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Jan 04, 2010
We feel your pain
by: Mike Slay

I'm so sorry for you and I'm glad you still have a few day's of fun before reality sets in. That will be Thursday night when you have to crawl home. Texas had it's team of the decade. But as always, when they don't cheat the SEC from getting there, We always win. Kind of like baseball last year (remember LSU) and Flordia last year (Whipping the sooners). I'm sorry I shouldn't rant so. Someone has to be the Scape Goat for the SEC!

Jan 04, 2010
Time to rumble
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply Mike. You are a loyal fan and that is good. Now you think you are going to beat Texas. But I know we are going to beat Bama. How do I know? If you are interested,I will tell you after Texas is the National Champion. My tape recorder is not working so I can't record the game. So I will make you a bet. If you can record the game,then record it. If Texas loses,I will send you a money order for ten dollars. If Texas wins,you send me the tape you recorded the game on. Ready to make a deal? Anyway I wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe year. And don't cry on the night of the 7TH. It's only a game. Texas 8-0-1 and the beat goes on.

Jan 07, 2010
by: Tidwell

I completely agree with the dont mess with TEXAS.. im from texas but i absolutely hate the longhorns. TCU was my team. but texas barely beat Nebraska their offense could'nt do anything and they havent played a team like alabama all year.. Sorry longhorn fans but crimson tides gonna whoop that ass.

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