Texas Will Be Bama's Victim

by Rich -- Big Bama Fan
(Crofton Maryland USA)

I am a big fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, so I am partial in terms of my feelings about the upcoming BCS Championship Game. I personally think that all the factors that can be used to determine what kind of a game championship is going to be point to a huge win by the Crimson Tide.

There is no comparison between the two teams statistically. Starting with the schedule and outcome of games the advantage definitely goes to Alabama. They were a far superior team throughout the entire season. When you match the two teams up I believe that Alabama is going to plow through Texas.

I may be partial, no I am partial, but I don't believe that it is just wishful thinking. I believe that there will be an explosion of offense by Alabama that will produce an exciting game and a lot of points and a decisive defensive show that will shut Texas down. I'm sure that the Texas fans out there will greatly disagree with my opinion.

There is no question that you can look at the game from a Texas perspective and see a different outcome but I believe that any outcome with anything but a big Bama victory is a misplaced fantasy.

There is definitely a lot of excitement about this game. Just look at the ticket prices on the auction sites and you'll see what I mean. January 7th is not that far away and soon we will know if Bama is able to return to it's storied tradition of the Bear Bryant Days or not.

I believe they definitely will and unfortunately Texas will have to be this years victim.

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