Touchdown and First Down?

by Steve Jackson


If a Touchdown (TD) is scored from 10 or more yards outside the opponent's endzone, is it also a First Down (FD)? I thought it had to be one or the other.

In other words, if a play covers the length of yardage needed for a 1st down, but instead scores a TD, are they credited with a TD and/or 1st down?



Here is the answer to your question:
Provided by IFRA member Bo Carter who has worked in College Athletic Administration for nearly 30 years.

Correct on the first down call (10 or more yards, nine or less, it's a TD without a first down). Interestingly, high schools do not count scoring plays of 10 or more yards as first downs, for whatever reasons. One exception: Team A starts at Team B's eight-yard line and is penalized five yards for illegal motion - there is not a first down on a resulting 13-yard run or pass play.

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