First white leather college football

by John Tavener
(Centennial, CO USA)

white college football

white college football

I have a white leather football with the PAT#1621043-1730309-1890594. It was used in a night game between Denver U and George Washington U on Oct 5, 1934. My father played in the game and told me the ball was a experiment to see how it would work at night. The ball is not painted. Could you let me know if there is any history of this ball.

I wrote to Wilson Sports and this is their reply.

Our Solution:
Thank you for using our system.
Thank you for inquiring about research on your Wilson football product. We can provide you with product information for items manufactured within the last ten (10) years. Unfortunately, items older than that can no longer be researched as our old catalogues are being stored in our archives for historical purposes and are no longer accessible to us.

They also told me (as they recall)the only white football that old they made was for the pro's in 1957 - they never made one for college.

Thank you,
John Tavener

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