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OHIO STATE V. FLORIDA: THE Bowl Championship Series (BCS) GOT IT RIGHT!!

UPDATE: The BCS Got it Right -- again. Again, by picking the Gators. Read Florida vs Oklahoma.

THE Bowl Championship Series (BCS) GOT IT RIGHT!!

Much of the country is in the midst of the first real cold snap of the season. But you'd never know it from the hot air coming out of Michigan. Lots of upset people blowing a lot of steam over nothing.

The final human and computer rankings were thrown into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) cauldron and low and behold a live Gator was pulled out. By the way, it was the human voters who saved the day because the BCS computers had the Gators and Wolverines dead even.

I don't know what the computers were thinking, but anyone who saw Florida come from behind to beat Arkansas 38-28 Saturday night to win the SEC Championship knows what I'm talking about. What a thrilling game? Florida showed its tremendous team speed, talent, and ability to make big plays when it needed to. Talk about going for it? How about that 4th and 10 fake punt -- from its own fifteen yard line while trailing in the third quarter? That takes guts! That was the play that earned the Gators a trip to the National Championship game to face the Buckeyes on January 8th in Glendale, Arizona.

Florida is a conference champion with a 12-1 record. Michigan is the runner-up in its conference with an 11-1 record. It's difficult to understand how anyone could possibly think a second place team (with one less victory) should go to the National Championship game over all the other conference champions.

And we're not talking about a dominating conference in the Big-10. Nothing against the Big 10, it's a fine conference. But it is clearly no Southeastern Conference. Just take a gander at the BCS final top 20. 5 teams from the SEC; 3 from the Big-10. How about bowl bids? SEC - 9 bowl bids (most of any conference). Big-10 - 7 bowl bids.

How about non-conference schedule? The SEC was an amazing 41-7 versus non-conference opponents in 2006. This .854 winning percentage blows away any other conference. So, Florida is the Champion of the toughest conference in the nation.

Florida had the toughest schedule in the nation (opponents winning percentage of .643). The Gators had four quality wins over Tennessee, LSU, Georgia and Arkansas. Michigan only had two quality wins - Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

How boring it would have been to see Ohio State and Michigan for a second time this season (104th time overall). Instead we have two great conference champions from different regions of the country. Florida and Ohio State will be playing against each other for the first time in history. I can't wait!

Certainly the Bowl Championship Series system is flawed. College football needs a playoff. No doubt. With the current system there are always more than two teams at the end of the year that can make a strong case they should be in the National Championship game. Someone always feels ripped off.

But, if you have to pick only two teams to play for the National Championship - this year those teams have to be Ohio State and Florida. The only thing I don't understand is why there is even a controversy. It would have been a disgrace to pick Michigan over Florida. So, at least for this year, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) got it right. It was an easy choice.

Proof they got it right can be found in the fact that Florida Won Big and Prevented a BCS Tragedy.

Read more about the Current Annual BCS Controversy.

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