Better Analysis Needed

by David
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

It's obvious the author of this article either never watched all the SEC teams play one another or simply doesn't understand football and strength of schedules.

You must look at teams and the totality of their schedules, who they played, and when they played them. It is so lazy just to say, Georgia played nobody and LSU, ALABAMA, Arkansas or even South Carolina had such tough schedules.

Do the research and you'll find great similarities between all their schedules.

LSU is far and away the best team in the Country. They have almost no flaws in their game. However, don't even make their schedule out to be something it wasn't.

Northwestern State, Western KY, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miss State, Kentucky, Florida, Auburn? Hell, even West Virginia when analyzed wasn't worth a damn.

Give LSU credit for playing OREGON who IS an outstanding team. I know Arkansas was ranked 3rd, but even they should have lost to Vandy, if not for a Vandy fumble on the goal line which swung the game 14 pts.

Match up Georgia, LSU, ALA, Arkansas, and SC's schedules. Really, you may find that OSU and OREGON had comparable and in Oregon's case maybe a tougher schedule.

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Dec 01, 2011
by: M Slay

I am so sick of hearing some people say Arkansas should have lost to Vandy. The last time I checked, turnovers are part of the game. If LSU didn't create turnovers they would be 8-5. Nobody seems to remember that there was another fumble recovery where that Arkansas returned to the goal line and fumbled it back in the endzone and gave it back to Vandy. "IF" that hadn't happened the game was over way before the end. COME ON MAN, the HOGS did what they had to do to win all season and lost only to the 2 top teams in the country! LSU only barely beat Miss State 19-6 and the Hogs beat them 44-17 What does that mean... Nothing except they both won there games against Miss State.

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