Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview SEC Football 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 17, 2014
Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview SEC Football 2014

Here's the question that I come away with after the third week of college football. Can any SEC team, in either division, make it through the SEC schedule undefeated. I am very concerned that the West may not produce any undefeated teams and it's going to be hard to get through with less than two losses. With five teams in the top ten and teams like Arkansas and Mississippi State surprising the Nation right now, it's going to be a very difficult division to sift through. These teams also have to play a couple of teams out of the SEC East, which is not slouch of a division in itself.

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Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview SEC Football 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 10, 2014
Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview SEC Football 2014

Most of the SEC played out of conference this week and for the most part played much weaker competition. They played well, as far as you could tell. Alabama looked very good in a game against Florida Atlantic. I think their Quarterback issue was solved with Sims playing very well. Missouri played well against a decent Toledo team and won by three touchdowns. Tennessee beat an Arkansas State team that has some good years in the previous few seasons. Tennessee is looking good this season. Mississippi State's offense looked good against UAB and they won. Kentucky beat an Ohio team out of the MAC, they need to improve.

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SEC Football 2014 Week 2 Preview

Posted in SEC Football
Sep 03, 2014
SEC Football 2014 Week 2 Preview

Alabama will play Florida Atlantic on Saturday. I obviously don't think they are in trouble of losing this game, but a better performance from the Quarterback position is needed. The entire team needs to play better, but they need to have more big play ability and start working on getting the all down field in order to compete in a very good SEC West.

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Gators Still Bite

Posted By Guest in Florida Gators Football
Aug 10, 2014
Gators Still Bite

It was nothing short of a disaster for the Florida Gators in last season South Eastern Conference, ending with a record that read 4-8. Despite losing seven games on the trot and posting their worst figures since the 1979 season the fans who call "The Swamp" their home are optimistic of their chances in this year's SEC.

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South Carolina Will Win the SEC in 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in South Carolina Gamecocks Football
July 17, 2014
South Carolina Will Win the SEC in 2014

The Western division has a lot of contenders this year. You have the usual with Alabama and LSU being good teams, but of course this year we worry about last year's Championship game contender in Auburn. We also can't count out the great recruiting class of Texas A&M. I feel that considering each team's schedule and pure strength on returners and recruiting, that you must feel that Alabama may come back into the lead for the SEC West this year.

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Vanderbilt Commodores Surprise their own Fans as Much as Anyone - College Baseball Champions

Posted By Kory Kinslow in Vanderbilt Commodores Baseball
July 15, 2014
Vanderbilt Commodores Surprise their own Fans as Much as Anyone - College
Baseball Champions

In the history of all things men's sports at Vanderbilt, there has never been a National Championship. They've done a lot of great things, but National Champ has never been put next to a men's sport for the Commodores. That ended this summer as the Vanderbilt Baseball Team won it's first championship. They came through in ways that probably shocked, surprised, and baffled even the players on the team.

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IFRA Cited in Press Again!!

By Charles Apple
July 13, 2014
IFRA Cited in Press Again!!

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Dixie's Last Stand: Arkansas vs Texas (1969)

Posted By Kavin Caruso in Missouri Tigers Football
June 08, 2014
Dixie's Last Stand: Arkansas vs Texas (1969)

The game between Arkansas and Texas on Dec 6, 1969 had major implication on determining who will be the National Champions of that season. Both schools have not integrated their football teams until a year later. A newly elected President of the United States, Richard Nixon was on hand to witness a piece of history. Arkansas and Texas were both in the SWC.

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Will the Georgia Bulldogs Contend for the SEC East Title in 2014?

Posted By Brent Larson in Georgia Bulldogs Sports Blog
May 24, 2014
Will the Georgia Bulldogs Contend for the SEC East Title in 2014

Few teams were struck by the injury bug worse than the 2013 Georgia Bulldogs, as a number of key players missed time with injuries throughout the year, and a year that started with a lot of promise ended with a disappointing 8-5 record. However, the Dawgs return more than enough talent to contend for the top spot in the ultra-competitive SEC East. With a little better injury luck and some quick development on the defensive side of the ball, the Bulldogs should be right in the thick of the race for College Football tickets.

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