Florida Whips FSU 45-15

by Uncle John

I watched the Gators dominate the Seminoles -- at Tallahassee -- to win the 5th straight game in this one-sided rivalry.

My real concern is for my nephew -- Danny -- who was at the game and apparently rooted for the losers. The sad thing is it didn't have to be that way. I knew the Gators would dominate the game and told him as much before the game. Still, he chose to suffer.

The thing is he is still young. He has a whole life ahead of him. He doesn't have to live the life of frustration, pain, futility, anger, etc -- that Florida State fans are doomed to live. At least as long as Urban Meyer is in Gainesville -- the Gators will chomp the Seminoles. And, Urban is a young man.

So, I am unconcerned about the old and bitter FSU fans. But, my plea to my nephew, and all the other youngsters in the Tallahassee area, is that they understand it doesn't have to be that way for them. They can live the life of joy, victory, success, and happiness that all Gators fans enjoy. And, they should realize there is no shame in converting now to the Gator bandwagon.

In fact, now is a great time to jump aboard. The Gators will beat Alabama next week to win the SEC Championship game. They will go on to play Oklahoma in the BCS Championship game and win that as well. For the second time in three years. See Gators Dominate THE Ohio State University.

Tim Tebow will win the the Heisman Trophy -- again; for the second year in a row. Only one other college football player has ever done that. Who? Archie Griffin (OSU, '74 - '75).

So, Danny Boy, give it some thought. Chose victory over defeat -- now.


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Dec 04, 2008
Clearwater, FL
by: Richard

Danny -- listen to your uncle. A lifetime is a long time to be a Seminole fan. Especially when you think that you could have been a Gator fan.

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