Why Florida - Oklahoma Game Was Low Scoring

by Cory Rhodes
(Tampa Florida)

I am neither a Florida fan nor a Oklahoma fan but by no means the score was going to be 62-37. That person who believed that was and still is crazy. Florida's offense only put up more than 62 points in only one game and that was against the citadel.

If you think that the number 1 team in the nation has the defense as good as the CITADEL then you should be shot. The reason for the low scoring was because of the long break. Obviously that person did not take that into account.

Not that the offenses came out a little flat, (cause they did) the defenses had over a month a prepare for the opposing offenses. They were ready for anything each offense could throw at them. Oklahoma had shot themselves in the foot in the red zone not because of poor coaching but poor execution and a freak play.

Add the touchdown on fourth down and a field goal and that makes up the 10 points that they had lost by. But none the less Florida deserved to win because holding Oklahoma to either 14 to 24 points as previously stated is a feat that no one else could do. So who ever predicated this score is insane and should never analyze sports again.

I had Oklahoma winning on a 2:00 touchdown drive down by 4 winning 21-24. Obviously that didn’t happen but it was close.

Go Wolverines

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