Why Do SEC Fans Hate Ohio State?

by Nate
(Crestview, Florida)

"And, the amazing streak lives on, OSU goes to 0-10 vs the SEC in Bowl Games."

Why do you guys (SEC fans) hate Ohio State so much? Because they have been to more BCS games? Because they are tied with most wins in BCS games?

C'mon. Show a little more respect. Ohio State has not seen any speed like Arkansas? Everyone said that when they played Miami too.

Anyways. I am glad to see the Big Ten and SEC playing a lot of bowl games together this year. Looks like good matchups. Best of luck to you guys this bowl season. Hoping for no injuries.

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Dec 15, 2010
overrated northern idiots
by: Anonymous

The problem isn't with OSU, responsibility lies upon the northern voters who, knowing good and damn well the buckeyes are not among the best two teams in the country, insist on putting a JuCo caliber team in the "Super Bowl of college football". I for one can't wait to see Auburn vs Oregon, not a fan of either team, but at least college fans will will get their first legitimate "Super Bowl" since Reggie Bush vs Vince Young. Now that was entertainment!

Jan 02, 2011
OSU lives on hype
by: Mulerider

Its not hate, all SEC teams lick their chops at a chance to play the Butteyes. Its a disgust of the overrated hype machine the Butteyes generate.

Ohio State is the flagship university of the Big 10 and continues to prove year in and year out they are not an elite team when they get out of their conference.

Ohio State is a product of its conference. They only have more BCS Bowl appearances and victories because of the league they are in. When pitted against quality opponents they are easily defined.

The only people that believe Ohio State is a top tier team are the moronic northern voters and Big 10 supporters. The push that the Butteyes get in the polls and into the BCS games is what makes them so easy to dislike. Annually, they are the most undeserving team playing in a big time bowl.

Jan 11, 2011
Ohio State > Arkansas
by: Anonymous

What do you dumb ******* rednecks have to say now? Ohio State beat your precious SEC. After watching the NC game it's pretty obvious Ohio State is better than Auburn this year too.

Jul 10, 2011
Ohio State Fans Suddenly Silent?
by: OIBmomma

So where have all of the snide remarks and comments gone? Suddenly the Buckeye fans have become silent in the wake of Tressel's leave and Terrell's mess.
The reason I can't stand Ohio State football has to do with strenght of schedule... Play a loaded schedule and then tell me how you're a national championship team. Because as long as youhave Perdue, Indiana, Eastern Michigan... Really? Go on tough guys. You're the best because you beat an SEC team in a bowl game? Try playing their schedule every Saturday before you start bragging.

Mar 16, 2015
by: OHJonesy

Ohio State Buckeyes - the 2014 College Football Champions. Where are all the haters now?

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