What? Your "Evidence" Against Belichick is Weak. Besides, Shouldn't Mangini Share Any Blame?

First of all, you say nothing about Manginis problems and breaking of the rules(stealing stuff from the Patriots such a s scouting reports)).

Second of all, you really don't touch upon the fact that Mangini was more than likely in on the "secret" while he was there. Doesn't that put some blame on him? He didn't squeal then, why is he doing it now? Multiple players have left the Patriots who would have had to know about it for them to counter attack against those plays. Do you really think that they wouldn't say anything even if came down to their team and the Patriots in the playoffs(see Adam Vinateri)

Third of all, don't act like the Patriots are the only ones who have done it. Multiple GMs have admitted that teams break rules all the time.

Also, I highly doubt that no one outside of the organization was aware of this, and do you really think that they would allow the Patriots to win 3 Super Bowls without spilling the beans? I highly doubt it.

Again, your list of evidence (w/ the exception of the Detroit game) are all hearsay. No one can prove them.

Did the Steelers ever think that maybe the Patriots were just better than them?

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Sep 24, 2007
Belichick -- Just Tell Us What You Did
by: Mo

Thanks for your comment.

As I've said a number of times now -- I don't doubt that others in the NFL cheat. However, Belichick got caught. Also, Belichhick and the Patriots benefited from cheating more than any other team.

All I want is for Belichick to have to tell us exactly when he started cheating and exactly what he did.

Once we know the facts, justice can be dealt out. Perhaps justice will be a slap on the wrist. Maybe. But, we can't begin to approach justice until we know the facts.

Bill, just tell the truth about what you did.

We'll go from there.

Jan 02, 2008
Loss of Game
by: Jet Fan

If you are caught cheating in a game you should forfeit that game. Any Five year old knows that.

Feb 03, 2008
Who cares what everyone else is doing?
by: anonymous

Part of being an honest person is doing what's right, no matter what is being done by everyone else. How can we expect young aspiring athletes to be honest when the Patriots demonstrate "cheating brings success" mentality? The NFL clearly needs to be and in the past has been a good role model for youth -- with substance abuse being penalized.

In addition, why would the evidence of the taping be destroyed after review? If the reviewers were confident in the morality of their decisions, why would they need to destroy the evidence? Wouldn't such conclusions made by them be made by further reviews. Also, why would the NFL penalize Belichick and the Patriots if such actions were not against the rules?

P.S. Feel free to tell me what 'What? Your "Evidence" Against Belichick is Weak.' is supposed to mean.

Feb 20, 2008
Got to be kidding me
by: Anonymous

As they say "the proof is in the pudding". Everyone knows the Pats got caught and all they want to say is No Comment. Stop using the excuse that everyone does it. If everyone did it, the Dolphins would not be 1-15. You can't blame the patroits players for what is done because they are just following the game plan that the coaches put out there. The pats should fire Belichek for giving them the reputation they have. Look at the record the pats have since 2000. Look at the first half of the season and then look at the second half of the season. It tells alot.

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