What Bowl Game could the Florida Gators go to in 2010 - 2011

by Eric Fisk
(Daegu, S. Korea)

Thanks in advance for reading my message and taking action to reply. I really enjoyed the photos of funny-looking fans!

I am a Floridian now living in S. Korea, so due to the time differences it is hard to join a blog or conversation where I can get my question answered while I am still online. Sometimes there are hundreds or thousands of comments, so the likelihood of me finding a direct reply is slim. Thus, my question is this: "If Florida wins the SEC East football title and goes on to win the SEC Championship game, what are the possibilities of them going to the BSC Championship game although they are ranked outside the top 10?

Thank you. If no reply, I will take it that Florida is not really playing for any bowl appearances now, just pride.

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Nov 10, 2010
Florida Gators Possible 2010 - 2011 Bowl Game
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks for the question Eric. So, the Gators already have 3 losses in the SEC and thus have no chance to make the BCS Championship Game, no matter what.

But, if they were to beat South Carolina this w/e and then also win the SEC Championship Game -- the Gators would automatically qualify for the Sugar Bowl -- as SEC Champions.

If they lose either of those games, then they'll go to a lesser bowl.

Nov 11, 2010
Why Not?
by: Eric Fisk

If Auburn and Florida win the rest of their games and meet in the SEC Championship game with Florida winning, why would Florida not be eligible to play in the BSC game? I mean, if the above happens, then Auburn would have beaten LSU, ALA, and everyone else that matters. Then, Florida beat Auburn. LSU won a National Championship with two losses, why not Florida with three? Is there an exact rule you can quote that says "No team with three loses can win the BCS"? I am just thinking that the BCS may just come down to two lame teams playing for the BCS title that no one wants to watch or believe are champs - since they played no one the entire year.

Thanks. If no reply, I will keep dreaming anyway. This situation reminds me of something that happened to a university in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. The UWF (Univ. of West Florida) women's soccer team was ranked #1 in America (DII) at the END of last season and had only to beat one more team to win the National title. They were beaten by a team that had ... eight loses during the regular season!

Nov 11, 2010
Sorry, not gonna happen, no matter what
by: Mo

Hey Eric, basically, nope, there's no set rule, however, i'm just saying there is NO WAY that a 3 loss team is going to be picked over a 0 loss TCU or Boise State. And, we are about certain to have some 1 loss champs from bcs conferences as well. Oregon may go undefeated. So, no way a 3 loss team gets to that game. But, you make a good point about quality of opponents, etc. All this is discussed in detail at BCS Controversy.

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