Well, SEC again luck is on your side...

by Antonio Gonzalez
(Portland, TN)

Ironically, a fluke play gave the Tigers a national BCS championship... I emphasize BCS, the big defense from the SEC.. won out after a 36 day lay off and a particularly wet field that obviously affected Oregon more due to it's offense.

I believe a change of rule is in order, "if any player is tackled and he falls on another player breaking his fall... it should be down at that point."

Can you imagine if someone would have launched at the Auburn back...while he was down... regardless if the knee touched the field... 15 yards...

Mr. Cam didn't look too super with a smaller and faster defense.. He was sacked 5 times... not one team in the SEC did that... Mr. Farley had one good night... if this was a playoff... Auburn would have maybe won once...

Mr. Farly would have tired out and as Alabama played that terrible game against a weak Tennessee team and should have won that game...

Auburn would have been beat because the SEC teams are meant for a win wonders... If we ever have a playoff... these big defenses from the SEC would have to do it 3 to 4 times to win a national championship... it would be too difficult for them.. This is why the SEC does not schedule the PAC 12, BIG 10. BIG 12, teams... THEY WOULD LOSE.

If Auburn would have played agains Cal, Stanford. UCLA and USC... Best scenario would have been 2 out 2 why? OFFENSE, OFFENSE.. What is lacking in the SEC... So keep your big fat guys... IF YOU ARE THAT GREAT... PLAY A REAL SCHEDULE NOT AN SEC SCHEDULE FULL OF FAT DEFNESES AND NO OFFENSE.

Look at WV, Big East.. The SEC's favorite opponent... Stanford played with them... I predict it's over and in two years..

The PAC-12 will end this mockery of a Championship separate from the NCAA, unite with the Big 10 and Big 12 and start it's own league...

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Jan 26, 2011
In ability to debate truth Mr. SEC Fan?
by: Anonymous

P.S I am also an SEC Fan and follow Tennessee, yet.. Mr...ha, ha, ha.... look at the facts... The SEC better known as the SECLUDED EASTERN CONFERENCE.. HAS LOSE RECORDS... AS SOON AS THEY STOP PLAYING THE ACC AND THE BIG EAST... Why don't you Ha at that... Oh, I'm sorry, you cannot communicate, that is why you only repeat the same word over and over... Maybe it's the Stu... Eastern Conference... Nah... it's just probably you.. we cannot generalize can we... Of course unless your the SEC... Little NFL... Ok.. I will bite..now show me go play USC... even with it's 10 less draft pics they are headed for the 3rd ranked recuiting team.. Play Texas at Texas... it seems that this will not happen either, how about Boise State... "Oh no we will lose to much money", delay, delay... delay.. Lane Kiffen offered Tennessee a one on one... Tennessee said no.. Why? He Knows the game plan now avoid anyone out of conferance and we can go for the BCS title our tired big fat guys will get a 36 day rest and hopefully we can win another championship... Wow..tough teams.. in the SEC...

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