We Still Need the Truth About Spygate

by Robert Leonardo
(Indiana, Pa)

Truth exists--Read The Bible

Truth exists--Read The Bible

Random thoughts on Pats Spy-Gate

To the fans of Boston, you have one of the greatest sport cities of all time. You deserve props. You deserve truth even more. I am very curious as an NFL fan, your concerns deep down about Tom Brady, and Coach Belichick--do you think it possible they worked in collusion with one another stealing signals?

Bill's staff recorded them, and then did Tom Brady receive them in his helmet during games--lots of games? I don't really know. But they know, and so does the commissioner--I find it troubling that he (Commissioner) destroyed them.

Tom Brady may just be the greatest QB ever, and Coach Belichick the Brain that unleashes the best in Tom--I don't know. The reason I don't know is because they both have not done much to resolve themselves of the mystery. No--winning 16 games in row wont excuse a court room jury, nor anyone else of the charge.

Perhaps that was Divine justice they lost the biggest game of the year...and ever other post season loss--when they clearly have looked unbeatable for several seasons now...mysterious indeed.

I sort of wonder if the same thing is going to happen this year...Pats go 14-2 and get discharged at some point in the post season...I suspect they will if they don't correct their glaring problems. See my article at...> http://bleacherreport.com/articles/847763-the-new-england-patriots-post-season-problems-and-solutions

I have no axe to grind with The Patriots, even though I am a Steeler fan. I a a fan first of Integrity of The Game. Its one thing to intercept some signals that a foolish coach or player is mouthing, this does happen.

It's another to actively intercept, copy, store during a live game by having a dedicated person or electronic equipment used to surveill an opposing teams practice, or live game to take a materiel advantage, and or enter a locker opposing teams locker room, and or sideline, and photograph plays and send this image to use as an advantage ....ok sound reasonable?

Bill has admitted to being guilty, Tom Brady has had no formal complaint or charge against him--lets be clear. But in my mind he would be the number one beneficiary at least being the offensive engine to knowing what defenses are doing play by play. Does that make him suspect--well it clouds him for sure.

So he (Tom Brady) deserves to be washed of any swirling rumor, or speculation, I am finding it difficult to do it though--as he is rather mum on the issue. Hey I would like him to be found clean as a whistle, but I am not feeling it honestly watching his demeanor, sideline smug-mugs, and his silence does shadow him....not evidence I know.

I am considering an article on Spy-Gate. I still am under the impression that Tom Brady possibly may have recieved these Live stolen signals during games and used them play by play, week by week, year by year, and in the post season--he looks like he is still doing it....or he is a Super Star among all who put on a helmet--he may well be.

A hard-drive full of every teams play calling signals over years does many things even if destroyed:...that sort of cache of info pays benefits, as you know they psyche of every coach in every situation( now smart coaches figure this out anyways, so Bill B. is no different, just perhaps more efficient...not sure---we may be still seeing it.

If the evidence shows me otherwise, I will write an article in the best possible light for Brady, as he is a human being that deserves to have his name cleared, as for Mr. Belichick as well. However, Coach Belichick did indeed admit to violations, and they are quite serious. They, Brady, and coach B. could help themselves a lot by admitting to things they did, and deny things they did not do--they are mum on the issue--not a good sign to me.

We all do dumb things, and some are rather serious, and some should be kept private, I suppose on the situation, this Spy-gate is not one of them. The Fans have a right to know.

I pay a chunk of my hard earned income every year for NFL Sunday ticket, do you mean to tell me I have been watching a farce! It is possible. I have gone to games and paid big $. And what about all the jerseys (375$) and other over-priced NFL items? Heck look at player salaries....about a mill a game in a few cases.

I understand that if this would have been found out, it would make sense for commissioner Goodell to destroy the evidence (in his make $ mind) as the possibility for The NFL to literally go belly under would be substantial--but The Truth is first and foremost Mr. Goodell--Do not collude with the collusion, if indeed it happened

Essentially, every superbowl would have had to been thrown out that the Patriots had won, and Brady, and the pats, would have had to be suspended as a team......way way way too much--so burn the evidence...and move on...is their thinking...

So now I feel while watching the NFL at times, I am watching The WWE Wrestling, with NFL Commissioner "Vince McMahon" Goodell.

The Commissioners name need to be cleared too, if the evidence showing he did the right thing...not sure how that would work out though.

Interesting now NFL network has a Bill Belichick "get to know and spend time with Bill" show..... ;>)

Its time to press Mr. Belichick to answer, and The Commissioner--back at you soon.

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Sep 21, 2011
Watching NFL LIve series on Coach Belichick
by: Robert Leonardo

Watched the 1st part on Coach Bill Belichick. He became very human for me, kind of almost reasonable, not the evil villain.

As I state in the article , we all mess-up, sometimes for a long time. I get the impression that coach B. wants to makes things right--even if its just an impression that may or may not be accurate.

My gut tells me he went beyond what he even felt comfortable with, and I still wonder about Tom Brady. Hard for me to believe he was mute to if in deed this Patriot team intercepted went way beyond what anyone else had ever done.

The most important thing these guys can do is get right with The Creator--Christ. It's really that simple for me. I may wish for full disclosure, but Christ is the only one that counts...so end the end I am ready to move on I think...just sure what I would write about these guys, that couldn't in some ways be written about me or anyone else for that matter--we all fall short.

Jan 30, 2013
of course
by: Chris Fletcher

Of course they have been cheating for years. Why else the cover up and quick dismissal and destroying of tapes.

Dec 22, 2014
Pats cheated
by: J.A.

Good article, Bob.

After reading Spygate: The Untold Story, I am appalled at what this team was doing. This is the craziest chapter in NFL history.

First, let me set the stage:

You have a team in the Pats who woke up after their big upset in SB 36 13 years ago with no Peyton Manning in their division anymore, and their other division opponents not being able to pose much of a threat.

The Jets have been, while competent at times, non-threatening (as far as the SB goes) for years (I don't believe they were that great even in 09 and 10). And, you have the Fins and Bills, teams that had fallen since their 90's heydays with Marino and Kelly, and still haven't gotten up.

Since 2000, these three teams in NE's division (who I refer to as the Three Stooges) have had 18 different head coaches, and around 38 different guys starting games for them at QB.

On top of that, the Pats have had an espionage master in one Ernie Adams who has had his hands in a lot of deceit.

For example, former Patriot LB Ted Johnson would see an audible sheet in his locker every week, but not know where it came from.

Then, there were all kinds of rumors about alternate radio frequencies and microphones being used by this team.

For example, in 2005, Doug Flutie, while looking for his helmet, accidentally picked up Tom Brady's second helmet, and found out that someone (take a guess as to who) was talking to him past the 15-second cutoff.

He said that he was astounded by this, and someone told him to forget about it. Then, he allegedly tells his buddies about it, and then apparently told John Saunders (former ESPN guy) on a Canadian station.

Dan LeBatard (on The Ticket in Miami) wanted to interview him, but he declined. Bryan O'Leary, author of Spygate: The Untold Story, also said on a podcast that he wanted to interview him, and got the same cold shoulder. Here is that podcast if you want to listen:

On this podcast, Bryan talks about how teams were ready to come forward and tell the commish about how the Pats were miking their D-linemen to get their QB audibles, and about how they messed with their headsets in Foxboro.

So, in conclusion, I think that someone like Tom Brady (a 6th round pick) is not the great QB that everyone thinks he is, but a product of circumstance and espionage. So is the Patriot run (I wouldn't call it a dynasty. You need four SB titles for that, in my opinion) the last 13 years. It doesn't really deserve much respect.

Feb 19, 2017
by: Terry


You wrote an objective article/feed. Yes the truth needs to come out. If it's the black ops collection and transmission of signals and post snap transmission to Brady about downfield receivers and blindside rushes, it equates to a major competitive advantage. If a player in football is on PEDs he is only 1/11th of the players on the field (still cheating), but when you in effect steal your opponents offensive and defensive play books (or majority of plays), you've taken all the mental stress of guess work out and you can simply go out and just throw the ball in a quick and highly proficient manner.

When Goodell handed the record 5th SB trophy to NE, he masked a bitter look. Most people thought it was about deflate gate, NO ... He knows NE stole their first 3 SB wins over the Rams, Panthers, and Eagles ... AND he and the other owners buried it to avoid a scandal worse then the Chicago Black Sox.

Take care,

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