Vols New Coach Lane Kiffin is a Joke

by AJG

Wow, wonderful move vols firing a class act and hiring a donkey. At least in the past i used to repect your coach. Now you've hired a coward that tries to trash other coaches to better himself -- what a joke.

He must be pretty insecure as a man. to question the integrity of another man without facts is well lets just say i hope he dosent treat his job and players the same way. I guess whatever is good for Lane Kiffin.....

It's a shame too for his dad Monty. A great coach for many years with the TB Bucs. hopefully he will grab his son and shake some sense into him. Now all he has done is bring the fury of all the SEC down on your program. Well good luck in your misery.


Post Script

At least i used to root for you cause your were an SEC school when playing out of conference now I think it will even be hard to do that.

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May 31, 2009
Blah blah blah
by: Anonymous

Blah Blah Blah. Standard garbage. Come up with a new point sometime loser.

In the end it's all about wins and losses. UT gets 6-7 wins this year, upsets one of the major players (my bet is Ole Miss), and secures another top ten recruiting class for next year.

2010 is a soft schedule, Kiffin's USC style (i.e. simple as hell and based on talent vice schemes) takes over, UT goes to SEC championship in 2010. Chew on that schmuck.

Jun 05, 2009
by: AJG

trying to be serious and by the way alot of your own fans feel the same as I do. But mr. anonymous i guess just wants to whine ( wnat some cheese with that). But it was clever in a way , anonymous is what your team will be next year.

good luck in your misery

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