Victory Surrounds and the Truth is Inevitable

by Daleene Farmer
(Las Vegas, NV)

This took me a while to write because to be honest with you, it still hasn’t quite sunk in. My Big Blue, the New York football Giants have won the Super Bowl! The shock of winning isn’t necessarily shock that it happened, because I knew we could and would do it; I suppose it’s like winning the $7 billion dollar lottery and having to go for days, even weeks before it reaches reality. The reality for me was watching the three hour parade in Manhattan, New York. If me only being a mere fan and having feelings like this then I know it must be amplified for the men who actually won it.

The first thing I would like to address is the 1 second left on the play clock; myself and the company with me during the game were all a bit confused by Belichick running out on the field. What is this crazy man doing now? Doesn’t he know it isn’t officially over? I knew he was a sore loser but this has to take the cake of temper tantrums I’ve seen him throw. It isn’t the fact that he was running in the middle of the field during a game, but it was that he had officials and coaches telling him there was time left on the clock still. He ignored them all to “hug” Coughlin and congratulate him. All I saw it as was an excuse to have the last word. He wanted all eyes on him once again and I do believe his intentions were to cause controversy only to take the attention off the fact that they lost.

It still shocks me that people actually say he is a nice guy when you get past his rough exterior. Some specialists said he did it because it’s how people view him and he did what we as viewers wanted (a load of crap.) Others say he acted on emotion or lack thereof, that he was attempting to hide his anger and irritation by leaving the game before tears were seen (another stinky load.) I like think he did it because he’s an ass. To sum it up, it isn’t worth the time and words to even try to analyze why he did it, he is simply an ass.

My next subject I’d like to speak on is the NFL’s lack of investigation on spygate once again. I know you’re tired of reading and hearing about it, but it is a subject that will continue to be brought up by not just myself, but everyone until the matter is completely resolved. And you (the NFL) saying it isn’t worth mentioning and wasting time on because the tapes had meaningless material on it and there is no “evidence” they used it to their advantage. I assumed the evidence was the tapes and because you think they didn’t have any advantage over the other team is a laugh. Now there is evidence of a Super Bowl possibly being tarnished and they continue to push it under the rug. It’s very sad that the government has to step in and spend the taxpayer’s money to do a job you won’t do yourselves. However, if that’s what it has to come down to just to get to the nitty gritty, then I’m all for it. Fact of the matter is, Bill has cheated before, he’s probably cheated afterwards and for all we know, he could be cheating right now.

The whole scenario is a bit coincidental now that the Patriots have lost the Super Bowl; suddenly Roger Goodell is willing to talk to the government officials. So what if they actually won, then what would the outcome be? The lump under the rug can only get so big before some unsuspecting victim trips over it and splits their head wide open. Up until last night, I felt as if the fans were the only ones to have the scrotes to step up and speak out about it all; but thank God it has finally become something the NFL network and ESPN aren’t afraid to say more than three sentences on and quickly go to commercial. We all know that nothing makes a scandal go away like some Cool Mint Listerine and an Ice Cold Bud Lite after getting your Pizza Hut within a half an hour or it’s free. See, I bet half of my readers have forgotten what I was even writing about. (Don’t lie; you know you can’t resist that delicious stuf’t crust.) Sure it seems like a catchy subject for me to throw in here, but the fact of the matter is that the NFL is counting on Americans to do what we’re famously known for and that is forgetting.

It almost worked, but they forgot about the major factor that is holding this entire scandal together… the internet. Information can be found and passed along quicker than any Private Investigator can charge you 4 month’s rent to sit around and eat donuts while napping on his office sofa (after all, America runs on Dunkn’.) These things don’t just go away and especially what is the best sports scandal since nipple gate. This subject matter just so happens to be a lot more serious and is much deeper than anybody could have anticipated. What will be interesting is to see just how deep these waters tread, we can only predict until time tells, if it ever does.

Now on the lighter side of things, I reach my last subject which is the big blue wrecking crew’s celebration. I thought that after you’ve beaten everyone and have won the highest trophy in the league that you’ve officially earned you right to brag and live your moment in the lime light (they’re not called bragging rights for nothing.) It only seems fair seeing as how the Cowboys owner was giving away tickets for the conference championship game before they even played us in the playoffs. And least we not forget the Patriots’ victory celebration weeks before even playing in the Super Bowl. I’d turn to every sports network to see commercials selling a book entitled “19-0 A Path to Perfection”! Sports Illustrated was actually selling pre-ordered copies of a book about something that hasn’t even happened yet! Excuse me for my irritation, but that is the most ridiculous garbage I have ever seen especially coming from a magazine with so much prestige and integrity to its name. Now they really mean nothing in my eyes but desperate and foolish. I hope they file bankruptcy for all of the refunds they have to give back from spending money on a subject that DOES NOT exist. I wouldn’t be taken back if Nickelodeon was cashing their chips in and selling championship kid’s t-shirts.

So why is it that Michael Strahan’s “stomp ‘em out” speech was so ridiculed by some, I won’t say all, but some people in the league? Firstly, he was only saying what was true and that is, everyone said we wouldn’t get to the playoffs, we’d be a 500 team at most, and we made it there anyway. Then they said we’d never beat Tampa, we did that too. We were told we hadn’t a chance in hell of beating Dallas, the tears of T.O. say it all for me. After all else, we were laughed at for the very thought of beating Bret Favre and the Packers, but would you look at that, we did that too! I’m sure you all recall what was said about us when we got to Super Bowl XLII. They said we had a shot, but that was only in the dark and the stadium would bring us into realities light. After each and every naysayer in the country and even the world’s noses were snubbed at us; we came through with a fiery for Brady and a twinkle in our eye. We’re going to Disneyland baby.

So the next time people hear my Big Blue G-MEN talking what you would say is trash (I just call it the truth), remember we actually earned our right to speak whatever truths we feel we need or want to until the next team comes in and takes our place. It’s the name of the game; it’s what we do so get over it.

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