UT vs LSU -- Give the Vols Some Respect

by 1volfan

To the writer:

Instead of wanting to deminish what UT has done; maybe would should amplify what it means to be in the SEC, and still competing during a trying time.

We have endured 3 coaching changes in the past three years; when we had only had 2 coaches in the past 3 decades. Furthermore, when Kiffin jumped ship during the final weeks of recruiting no one even gave the Vols a chance of having a top recruiting class in the country; we ended up with the #9 recruiting class.

The level of play in the SEC is unrivaled anywhere else in the country. We have 2 losses thus far and they have come from the now #7 and #4 teams in the country. So before blasting Tennessee as an SEC let-down team that will be destroyed by LSU -- give us an inkling of respect that at least we haven't forgotten how to FIGHT for victory.

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