UK Wildcats 2010 March Madness Preview

by Les Tippett

Kentucky has had a great run this year, with the lots of close, clutch wins. The latest being over Miss. State in OT to win the SEC Championship. So, all this experience will serve as a confidence boosting factor for the young Wildcats in 2010 March Madness.

Many professionals had rated the Kentucky Wildcats as a too young team but the likes of John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins have a good record in the AAU games and have survived a rigorous schedule with back to back games. The Kentucky Wilcats has a good ranking this year and is considered to be among the top teams to play in the March Wildness.

Their tournament run begins when they will play their first game at Milwaukee and the next one will be at Syracuse, and if they do really well at these venues they will be moving over to Indy, which is what the cats fans are looking forward to.

The team’s performance has been really fantastic this year with only two losses. And these losses occurred at away venues where they did not have the advantage of home or a neutral court.

One of the factors which is truly in favor of the Kentucky Wildcats in March Madness is that they have no away games; all will be played in neutral venues.

And, it's not just John Wall. Not just a one man show. The individual performance of the team players has really been something with nearly four of their top players having averaging in the double digits.

One of the major drawbacks of this team, apart from being young was said to be their outside shooting but the team has done its homework pretty well in this department which shows in the last five games, with Miller and Dodson performing consistently.

The team is unstoppable when they really get into the heat and play in complete sync with each other.

The team has a fantastic coach and one of the most talented players and many of their followers’ feel that the team is set to make a great run in this year’s March madness which will extend right into April.

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