UConn fan

by Judy
(Donnelly, MN USA)

I agree with you 100%! Surprised? Though born and raised in Connecticut and a UConn women's hoops fan, I have respected and admired Pat Summitt as I've watched her career. (I guess I got this from my Mom. She also was a UConn fan, but she always sought out Tennessee games to watch and could be heard yelling at the TV "You tell 'em, Pat!!" When Tenn. played UConn, she cheered for both teams.)

Pat is the single most influential figure in the game, a pioneer who not only built her own program but helped build a sport. At the same time, she has always been one who "gets it," knowing her roll is as an educator FIRST. She prepares the young women she coaches for life beyond the court.

Best coach ever? Probably. GREAT lady? Definitely!!

Editor's Note: Thanks Judy. Well said. And, your being a UCONN fan makes your opinion that much more credible. I didn't mention in the article, but I've heard Pat Summitt graduated every player to ever play in her program. I haven't verified that, but, if true -- amazing.

Too bad UT and UCONN didn't face each other in the NC game. Would have been a fantastic game. Maybe next year.

Thanks again.


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