Trying to be neutral, but the evidence is troubling

I did like the Pats, and were rooting for them.
Pat fans, how can you say this is jealousy or just rooting against the Pats.

There is evidence they cheated, and most likely more to come. What message of example do you tell your kids, cheating is ok?

I feel more for the players, they will be the ones cheated most.

If it is the coach doing this to win at all cost, even cheating, then I feel for the players.

I have also heard of the geru Ernie Adams that Belichick genius football friend, who can memorize a play book in one night, maybe this was all his idea, push the rules to the limit, and it just got out of hand.

I think we all know there are people out there that would cheat to win, and it should be punished, like it is for us. If Ernie Adams knew the plays, he could develop the skill to 80-100% accuracy know what the other team will do and then run their counter to it.

It seems complicated, but over time, say 4-5 years, have it down to a science.

I hope I am wrong, but if this is it, wow.

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