The Patriots Have Earned Millions From Spying

by Jeff

Good article. It's ridiculous that the coach and team get fined only $750,000 all together.

Heck, Belichick earns that in a good week!

And, consider how much money Robert Kraft (Pats owner) has made off the Patriots wins over the years. He's made hundreds of millions. With the increased value of the franchise, I bet he's made a billion dollars over the past decade because of the Pat's wins.

Think of the merchandise sales.

By the way, that's a billion dollars that other teams, who didn't cheat, would have made -- because other teams would have won some of those Super Bowls.

So, I'm surprised other NFL teams aren't raising a stink. Especially the Indy Colts and the Steelers. I would if I was them. Heck, they owe it to their shareholders to press the issue.

But, maybe they are afraid of opening a can of worms.

I just wish we could know exactly what kind of cheating has gone on and what effect it had on wins and losses.

I read something about Belichick saying something like "whatever we did, it did not affect the outcomes of a game."

Give me a break.

Why do it if it won't effect the outcome of the game. Everything Belichick does is aimed at affecting the outcome of a game!

Why else do it?

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