The Impact of Online Sports Betting

The sports betting industry has existed for decades, but online betting sites have dramatically changed the face of it. Information on teams, schedules, and rosters are now available instantly. Fantasy sports now drive fan interest in many different teams all season long. Consider how online betting has changed this industry.

Simplifying the process

Online betting sites have simplified the process of betting, particularly for fantasy team betting. Here's the typical process for fantasy team betting:

  • Choose a league: An individual chooses a sport and a league for betting. Say, for example, that the bettor decides to play in a Major League Baseball fantasy league. The bettor is given a fictitious budget of money they can use to spend on players for their fantasy team. The bettor then selects players and pays for those players using the budgeted funds.

  • Placing a bet: The bettor places a dollar amount as a bet. Daily Fantasy Café explains that Fanduel TV promo codes may allow the bettor to place a better bet. Using a promo code can increase the amount of the wager.

  • Select players, scoring: Each day or week, the bettor decides which players are active for games. Each league provides a scoring system to award points. For example, baseball players are awarded points for RBIs and home runs.

  • Tracking results: The bettor tracks the performance of their players and the league reports the points earned. The bettor may win money based on the performance of their team's players.

Online betting sites have automated all of this information and made the betting process simple and more interesting. The bettor can choose a league using a laptop or a mobile device. Once the bettor chooses a team, he or she can quickly select the players they want to field. The online site will automatically report each player's performance and how much the bettor has won or lost.

Historical information

Technology has made it much easier to analyze the historical performance of specific teams and players. One popular area of sports betting is SEC college football. In recent years, the SEC has signed lucrative TV deals to broadcast football on several networks.

To address this growing fan interest, several websites offer analysis on team performance, based on betting lines. Some fans consider this historical performance when they bet on games.

The NFL's explosive growth

In the last 20 years, no sport has experienced more growth in fan interest than the NFL. Consider these statistics:

  • The brand: Infegy is a site that tracks Internet activity to determine the popularity of brands. Based on social media activity, the NFL is one of the most popular brands in the world.

  • TV ratings: The Washington Post reports that the NFL's TV ratings far outpace other major sports. Some NFL playoff games draw a bigger U.S. audience than the World Cup men's soccer final or the World Series.

  • Merchandise sales: Purchases of NFL merchandise, including apparel purchases, continue to grow.

Part of this rapid growth is due to fantasy football teams. Playing fantasy football means that a fan may be interested in following players on multiple NFL teams. A fan that doesn't have a hometown team will follow NFL games that involve their fantasy team players. These developments have broadened the interest in the NFL.

Online betting sites have changed the betting experience for sports fans. Bettors can join fantasy leagues, select players and track results instantly. Technology has increased fan interest in many sports, including the NFL.

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