Take on Spygate from a True Giant Fan

by Daleene Farmer
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I'm so glad I came across this site. I am a Giants fan and have been for years. A lot of people say I'm only interested in the spygate BS because of the super bowl, however this is not true. I've had this in my mind since it all started last year.

I can only have a feeling of weight lifted off my shoulders to only be replaced by sheer joy for my Boys in Blue to be the ones to stop Bill BeliCHEAT and his monster team from stealing all hope from every real fan of the NFL.

And I think I speak for all of the TRUE fans out there, from whichever team when I say thank God they didn't win another Super Bowl. If it was my arch-enemy the Cowboys, I would've rooted for them to win and that's saying a lot.

But what I really can't understand is what if the 2002 Super Bowl against the Rams has been tainted? What is the league going to do about that "little" problem?

I would think the trophy would be snatched back, but doesn't giving it to the Rams signify nothing? Who would be known as the Champions?

It's all a bit twisted for most people to wrap their minds around, but it seems that entire season to be totally lost for the men who put their all into something they had blind trust in.

That's not to mention the other Super Bowls won by the Patriots. How is the truth going to affect the rest of the league and the other 31 teams? I believe this to be the reason the NFL has turned deafened ears to the entire subject.

The questions are dodged and diverted from the Patriots players and coaches so beautifully that it really can only be scripted.

But honestly, what does that say for the people who know what's going on and continue to keep the sippers glued tight? These are players who have been respected for years in the league and if they do know the full throttle of the scandal, shouldn't they be punished as well?

Punishment is another subject I'd like to address in this comment which is looking like an article and I apologize for it being so long.

In college football, if you're caught cheating, you're suspended and a coach can even be banned all together. Why not just ban Belichick from the league, period? He's obviously too egotistical to be pulled into the right direction and his narsacisistic attitude has him believing he is untouchable.

The fact that he has continued to do the things that he does to not only disregard the rules of the game but outright disrespect the entire NFL by assuming the rules can bend and even be rewritten just for him and his team.

I'm sad the government is stepping in to spend our tax dollars on this, but if it will get the truth out, then it's something that has to be done. Football was one of the last real things we as Americans had and Bill Bilichick and the Patriots have ruined it for everyone.

Also, Roger Goodell has only made things worse by turning his head away from what's going on.

Thank you from the fans.

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