Stop Making the Patriots the Scapegoats

Every one of the teams have been doing this for years and they all know it! It's not new, it was kept quiet until a certain coach wanted to settle something with Belichick, it's so obvious!

The Jets just wanted to bring the Patriots down!
Something tells me that Goodall told Belichick to make sure they don't win the SB. Goodall wearing a Giants shirt at the SB, gee I wonder what team he was rooting for!

The whole scene with Brady walking around with a walking cast, to make fans & others believe he wasn't 100%.

The spygate stuff coming out 2 days before the SB, when it began in Sept. and all was quiet until 2 days before the SB.

Give me a break, do you guys really believe people are that stupid? I smell some blackmail going on here as far as the SB goes. Like make sure you lose the SB for the Giants to win and I'll cover your ass and protect you in this spygate crap!

Think about it. The Patriots didn't play like that in 18 games!

Also not going for that field goal with 6 minutes left in the game, what was that about? Normally they would have gone for the field goal! Refs calls sucked, most calls were against the Pats and very little were against the Giants.

When the Pats recovered a Giants fumble, they took forever to blow the whistle and gave the Giants plenty of time to rip it out of the Pats arms while they were on the ground. When the Giants recovered a fumble from the Pats the whistle was blown right away. Go back and look at it.

So many calls the refs ignored against the Giants. There is something going on and it's not just the Patriots, it's all of the teams and the NFL.

All team's tapes should be reviewed by Goodall, now. All of the teams are guilty and they all know it.

Stop making the Patriots the scapegoats!

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Feb 07, 2008
Controversial calls go both ways
by: Anonymous

And the Pats' win over Baltimore?
Hey, I like the Pats, but these things go both ways. The Pats have broken many hearts as well. Just accept it and get on with life.

Feb 12, 2008
by: Bill Wade

If being caught and exposed as proven cheats makes the Patsy's a scapegoat - then I agree.

stop making excuses!

you are right about the ref's ignoring calls though........these all went in the Pats favor-

watch the game for gods sake!!

the Giants were the better team - period-

Maybe Bellicheat didn't have the walkthru video in this superbowl- oh well!

the best ever?...hardly

The most ignorant fan base ...definately

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