Spygate: It is history

Come on guys
Old Bill looked the rules
Checked the price
Did the dirt
Now don't get wrong I not a fan of old Bill & the boys (Pat's)

Page 105 of the NFL's "Game Operations Manual" states: makes it damn clear to me.
It's the price of cheating, we all should be looking at, that's what got old Bill off the straight and narrow.

How much will it cost, if and when, caught cheating?

Whoever did the rule research -- great job, I don't think I could have found that information, without a lot of help. (The above statement carries a lot of weight, read it again)

I would sure like to see the cost for breaking that rule on page 105, this may shine some light, on the path that old Billy elected to choose that sun-shiny day in New England.

I can't see much different (the deed + cost or penalty = the outcome)

He just may be like most of us (the deed + cost or penally = the outcome)

Belichick should be fined by the cost that came along with the rule, the day the rule and penally were put in to play, no more.

If the price is too low for doing the dirt, raise the price for dirt.

It is history, Billy got away with it.

Who won the Super Bowl ?
Who should get the spotlight ?
At the end of the movie, who do you think will win ?

Fail forward fast, go GIANTS !

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