Spygate is a joke: GROW UP!

Whats next with all you people out there? Is there going to be some kind of scandel in Drama Class next... They paid there fines did there time, took the backlask and kept on ticking.

Im not a really big fan of Football anyway but, how many other teams out there have or are still doing these kind of things. How about I could start a good one, the Colts are paying off the Refs when they play!!!!

HMMMMM how many people would believe this one, lets see maybe half of the football fans outhere! My GOD dont you think that Congress and the Senate shoud be more concerned about National problems like fixing the Scandals, illegal activities in the goverment before they get into the lives of sports players..... OPEN YOUR EYES!!

Whether its baseball, football or any other sport its all about the all mighty dollar, same with the news good news doesnt sell BUT BAD NEWS does. Give me a break and grow up!!!!

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