Spygate Hypocricy

by William Lacey

What I find hypocritical is that everyone is throwing the Patriots organization under the bus when this has been going on for years within the league by other teams. And everyone knows it and by Belichick doing what he did,didn't think it was a big deal!!!

And yes the Patriots broke a rule and suffered the maximum fine allowed under league rules but it seems to me that people and the media won't let it go..

So maybe since Specter wants to get to the bottom of it maybe there should be a League household cleaning done.

With present and past owners, coaches, players and any team personnel testify under oath of what they have done in any way of filming other teams (Signals or otherwise). Seems only fair to me but I think the NFL doesn't want this because it knows it is so widespread throughout the league.

So instead of hypocrites criticizing the Patriots maybe you should be looking at the league in general.

Patriots got caught red handed and were reprimanded but I for one think that this is a league problem in general..I think if this goes any further with a government investigation led by Specter, a big can of worms will be opened and every team in the NFL will be under the microscope.

Oh yea and I also stated from the start that Belichick should have been suspended for the year.

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