Spygate: as government expands, freedom contracts

by roger

maybe some of you, are just football fans and not political scientists. But, I want to ask you to consider the unintended consequences of what might be going on here. We are inviting the government with it's auditors and it's use of force to referee professional sports! But when the gov't calls a foul the players) go to prison.


You can sit on your lazy rear and be a couch potato all day in a communist country. That is because the government controls everything.

The government of this country: the so-called land of the free, is making more and more of your decisions for you.

The right thing to do here is to have the NFL regulate their own business. Let them hand out fines and suspensions as needed.

The government is growing. What will they stick their nose into next? It just may be your business and your life. You want them to audit others (the NFL) how about volunteering for an audit and an investigation of yourself.

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