Sorry, UF Will LOSE 2 or 3 games in 2009

by Mike
(Palm Beach, Florida)

You forget the Gators tendencies to choke in the regular season at least once. Even the 1996 squad lost to FSU before destroying them in their bowl game, and as we all know, history repeats itself.

The '08 gators are a perfect example, they lost by 1 point on a missed extra point attempt to Ole Miss, that is the very definition of choking in football.

Harvin is a type of player that can not be replaced, he averaged 11.4 yards per touch and 9.4 yards per carry, I'm sorry, but that type of player is never replaced so early. Example: Reggie Bush, Ted Ginn Jr.

UF doesn't have a single receiver proven enough to live up to the expectations given to them.

Overall I really wouldn't be surprised if UF lost 2 games in the regular season, possibly 3.

FSU returns talent enough to beat UF this year, FSU and Miami are always the most athletic teams in the nation bar none, all it will take is the coaching. I still don't consider Meyer a better coach than Bowden, he beat an OSU team that played like they didn't have a heartbeat. Then an OU Team that... well, let's be honest, both USC and Texas would have put up better fights than OU did.

UF could more than definitely lose to LSU in death valley, after all it IS death valley isn't it?

And a loss in the SEC championship game is more than possible. Well because, it IS the SEC... right?

You missed out on a lot of things, I'm sorry.

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