SEC bowl season

by Kory Kinslow
(Greenwood, AR, United States)

There will undoubtedly be some big wins for the SEC this bowl season. I also see some teams in for a big disappointment. Georgia should beat Nebraska. Georgia has an excellent running game and solid defensive front. Nebraska likes to run with the Quarterback and get him out of the pocket to run. These things will be hard to do with the stout Georgia defense. They have just enough of a running game to keep Nebraska off the field.

LSU has a chip on their shoulder, they are a team that with a little help could have had a much better record. I don't think that Iowa can keep up with the high powered offense, nor score much against LSU, known for their defense.

Wisconsin will surprise South Carolina. South Carolina is a team built to rush the quarterback. The problem with that is, Wisconsin wants to pound the rock at you and keep you off the field. The S.C. offense won't see the ball much, and Wisconsin will win in a low scoring affair.

Oklahoma has not been the Oklahoma we are used to in years. They play in a weaker conference and have seen nothing like what Alabama can bring on Defense. Alabama has the running game and ability to make the big play through the air. They will win this easily.

Missouri is an anomaly. They are so much better than what people realize, however Oklahoma State is one of the most solid all around teams in the nation with an offense that can score at will. I believe OSU wins this easily.

Lets face facts that Vanderbilt played a much tougher schedule than did Houston. Houston will put up a fight, but the caliber of talent is in no way equal and Vandy wins this one in a very close game.

Auburn posts an interesting problem for Florida State. They must stop a potent running game that can attack in many different ways. There is a lot of team speed for Auburn, along with a brilliant coach. Florida State will have to step up even more on offense to keep up. I think that Auburn has too much of a running game for Florida State to do this and I see Auburn winning by at least two touchdowns.

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