Sadly, Fulmer doesn't seem to be capable of accepting reality.

by William
(Charlotte,Tn. USA)

This is my first comment addressing a badly needed house cleaning and replacement of the UT football program at Tennessee. There has to be a solution for this embarrassing mess that we have become.

I am old enough to remember touch times, over the years, at Shield's Watkin's field in Neyland stadium.

Again, I am old enough to remember orange tear- away jersies, single wing offense, and to have the opportunity to go to games when John "DRUM" Majors was Tennessee's All American Tailback (QB) and came in a shady second to Paul Horning who won the trophy by playing QB for a losing Notre Dame. (Pre-cable)

I was so young that I kept a Johnny Majors scrapbook.

The point I'm trying to make, is, even in the low periods, the team spirit was such that we pulled upsets.

When the time came for a coaching change, we meant business and found a solution.

In my 61 years, I have never seen (as an alumnus I can say this) Tennessee at such a low state. In other times, our attitude, was always we'll be back.


Why don't feel that way today??

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