18-1 Yes... go ahead rub it in... proved one thing... THE PATRIOTS DON'T HAVE CHEAT TO least what you whiners call cheating anyway....and your teams will NEVER go even 15-0

Face the facts.. if the Super Bowl was best of Seven the Patriots could beat any TWO teams combined...

No lucky no call "in the grasp" no hail mary heave and catch on a helmet would beat them. best of seven... we would win (if healthy) EVERY Super Bowl until Brady retires.....

In fact... I think they should play an exhibition.... best of seven series against a combined team of the Colts...the Chargers... the Giants... and the Steelers.

THE PRIZES.... Patriots win? All you whiners have to get Patriots RULE tatoos on your foreheads..

If the Patriots lose....they must get tattoos that say WE WIN CAUSE WE CHEAT on THEIR foreheads....

I BET... none of you would TAKE THAT BET... (and if it really came about.. you'd secretly put your money down on the PATRIOTS!!!

Sorry whiners.... make fun of the 18-1 season.. yes it hurt BIG time... but.. remember... YOUR TEAMS WILL NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO "CHOKE" THAT 19th GAME....

The Patriots PROVED they didn't need the tapes... EIGHTEEN TIMES this year.... and if they DID win... you MORONS would have wanted an asterek ANYWAY.....


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Feb 15, 2008
by: Daleene Farmer

This is the funny thing about reading your work; seems to be you're the one who's whining. Get over it, you guys lost, you didn't deserve to win it and it doesn't really matter how many times you whine about Tyree's catch, or our hail mary plays that your unstoppable team couldn't seem to stop. We still won and I'm not rubbing it in. I hope you guys come back and win more championships, have a dynasty, I'm not someone to begrudge a good team, but what your team's fans don't seem to understand is that you did cheat and Belichick has done it before. So he has to be dealt with. But honestly, don't you think him running off the feild before to last play was a bit childish? I suppose it shows what type of a coach he really is, way to hold it together for the team by throwing a temper tantrum.

Feb 20, 2008
18 -1 not good enough
by: Steelhead

You didn't need tapes might be true but without the tapes you lost a Super Bowl by 3 not win by 3. Do you really expect us to believe that Belichick handed all the tapes over. He is a cheater and liar (I didn't understand the rule), so we don't believe him at all. When he was told to hand over all the tapes, he probably didn't understand that either, he thought hand over the ones from this year only. The pats had a great team this year and didn't need the tapes but I look at the records for the years he has been the head coach. Look at the first half records and then look at the secound half of the season records. It hard to deney, he wasn't cheating.

Feb 20, 2008
talk about whiners
by: sweetie v (Pgh,PA)

the only thing 18-1 proves is that they're still cheating. maybe they didn't continued taping after they got caught(i said maybe)but they still have the knowledge they gained from the taping.

talk about no calls, the pats o-line holds blatantly every play and never get called for it. their DBs maul the recievers and never get called for it. moss pushes off and never gets called for it, and i could go on and on.

i would rather be the fan of a team the loses honestly than one that wins by cheating.

it's over, they lost, get over it. man, talk about whiners!!

Nov 24, 2009
The cheating Patriots
by: SixBurgh

No one will ever know if the Patriots would have ever one a Super Bowl without cheating. It is important to note that the year they got caught filming the Jets they could not win the Super Bowl that year -- the Giants did.

Sadly, there will always be an asterik by the Patriots Super Bowl "victories." Cheating is a tacit admission that we aren't good enough to win legitimately.

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